Tips for using an interpreter

  • The interpreter will sit or stand beside you so the Deaf person can see you both at the same time  

  • Speak directly to the Deaf person, they will be watching the interpreter sign what you're saying (this may feel a little strange at first but it's completely natural for the Deaf person and will quickly become so for you too)

  • When the Deaf person signs their response the interpreter will relay the information verbally, this is known as 'voicing over'

  • Position yourself in good light, don't sit in front of the window as this makes lipreading difficult

  • Speak naturally and at your normal pace, the interpreter will let you know if things are going too fast

  • Address the Deaf person directly, you don't need to say "Tell them.." similarly, when the interpreter is voicing over, they are relaying what the Deaf person is saying in the first person, not voicing their own opinion

Have a great communicating experience!